May 9, 2019 7:30 am

Smoke on the Lake 2019 Final Prep Meeting/Classification Talks Naceo Denney/Chris Henderson

A $5,000 grant/community service was approved for Kit Cummings and POPP Program for Selma High School. Motion made by Bob Hovey, and was seconded by several Rotarians. We had two visiting Rotarians: One was from the Caribbean, and I did not catch his name. The second was Latif Narayel. Mark Hester brought two guests: Eli & David Velasquez who work in a drug addiction recovery center in Kennesaw. Also in attendence: the Saint Paige Bass. Note that we did not get to the Classification Talks but we did induct Shelley Elder.

Rotary Club of North Cobb
3400 McCollum Parkway
Kennesaw, GA 30144