Thrift Store @ The Zone

This project entails the renovation of 10,500 sq. ft., of space on the lower floor of The Zone facility to open a Thrift Shop. The Zone is an addiction recovery facility and is open to any individual, their family members, friends or loved ones who wish to enter and remain in recovery from substance use disorder. We will also create functional office space for future programs.

This store will help financially as all profits will be reinvested into The Zone. The financial stability will ensure that all programs and services offered at The Zone will be at no cost to the community. The target population is those people who are in recovery. The youngest member is 18 years old and the oldest member is 78. The Zone hosts all races, genders, and ethnicities. They open their arms to meet members where they are in their stage of recovery and lead them with love.

With this financial stability achieved The Zone will be able to expand the hours of operation through hiring additional personnel and will create additional programming in the areas of recovery plan creation which includes finding appropriate and affordable treatment options, a safe and sober living environment, and employment readiness.

Support for the opening of “Thrift Store @ The Zone,” and creation of additional office space will allow us to offer financial stability, a means of meeting basic human needs, employment opportunities, and a network of accountability for sobriety to reach those who are struggling with the deadly disease of addiction.